Broad Compatibility

At home or on the move, our platform can be accessed on most devices.

Diverse Applications

Our aim is to provide an easy to set up and easy to use tracking solution that's competitively priced. Our fees are transparent with no suppresses or contract, just pay as you go.

Our platform is the same for everyone, however we stock different tracking devices, the device you choose will depend on the asset you'll be tracking.

Our devices work world wide providing a mobile phone signal is available and will automatically switch between networks as and when required depending on signal strength.

Remember the placement of the tracker on the asset is crucial. If your only looking to track the asset during normal day to day scenarios they can be connected to and sit on top of most batteries. To be able to track an asset that's been stolen there's a bit more to it! In this case the tracker should be fitted in a covert location that's not quickly and easily found by the thieves, an auto electrician would be able to assist with this.